Lampi at AI Day 2024

During AI Day, in partnership with France Digitale, we showcased part of our solution, our AI Meeting Assistant, recording panels and utilizing AI to transcribe and analyze discussions.

Lampi at AI Day 2024

On April 4th, AI Day 2024, held in Paris at Station F by France Digitale and the PRAIRIE Institute, brought together expert panels and practical workshops, all dedicated to presenting the latest advancements in AI and solutions for real-world business challenges.

During AI Day, in partnership with France Digitale, we showcased part of our solution, our AI Meeting Assistant, recording panels and utilizing AI to transcribe all discussions, providing a base for further analysis and insight extraction by AI.

Lampi AI generated directly after the discussions detailed summaries and extracted the key points of each expert’s insights. Our process was not just about converting speech-to-text, but about capturing automatically with AI the essence of expert discussions and making it accessible to attendees and the broader audience.

Every AI Day attendee has received a link to access our platform, with all the recordings, transcripts, AI-generated summaries and key points, along with the ability to interact with Lampi by querying the system for specific insights discussed during the talks.

Illustration of an AI-generated summary by Lampi (in French):

AI Day 2024 demonstrated how Lampi's solution addresses the needs of business communication, making meetings (including offline meetings) more productive, and actionable by employing AI for efficient recording, transcription, and analysis of discussions.

Presentation of our AI Meeting Assistant


Lampi's AI Meeting Assistant ensures comprehensive capture of discussions, enabling participants to fully engage without the fear of missing critical information.

Timelines and summaries

Post-meeting, receive structured timelines, detailed summaries, and highlighted key points. This streamlined overview aids in quick comprehension and recall of meeting content.

Workflow integration

Transforming transcripts into actionable insights, Lampi's platform allows for the seamless integration of meeting content into existing AI workflows, allowing AI Agents to perform specific tasks based on the meeting's insights.

Intelligent search capabilities

Lampi provides the ability to delve into transcripts for specific information, leveraging intelligent search functionalities that ensure quick retrieval of relevant discussed information.

Voice recognition

State-of-the-art voice recognition technology ensures accurate speaker identification, a crucial element for effective meeting transcription.

Enterprise-grade security

With enterprise-grade security, Lampi commits to the utmost standards of data integrity and security. For the most sensitive businesses, we also provide on-premise solutions.

Offline capability

Recognizing the dynamic nature of today's work environment, Lampi facilitates recording directly from your microphone, catering to both online and offline meeting scenarios.

Our AI Meeting Assistant is just one facet of our GenAI platform, embodying our vision where AI's purpose is to assist you with all your daily tasks • from the first interaction with a client or your team to the redaction of a complete fact-based report. That’s why we also deploy AI agents to help complete tasks and streamline workflows, making your day-to-day operations more efficient.

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