Lampi AI joins OVHcloud Startup Program

Lampi AI has been selected for the OVHcloud Startup Program.

Lampi AI joins OVHcloud Startup Program

We are excited to announce that Lampi AI has been selected for the OVHcloud Startup Program. 

OVHcloud stands as a leading global cloud provider, and we are thrilled to partner with them to accelerate our development. The OVHcloud Startup Program is designed to assist startups in scaling up and growing their operations efficiently.

At Lampi AI, our decision to choose OVHcloud was driven by several key factors, including data security, European sovereignty, and environmental sustainability.

As our mission is to provide secure AI, which includes providing hosting solutions ensuring the confidentiality of data through private deployments, OVHcloud appears as an ideal partner.

Being supported by a French cloud provider that combines cutting-edge technical expertise, and a powerful environmental commitment is a perfect fit for Lampi AI to leverage cost-effective cloud solutions.

We are confident that this partnership will propel us towards our goals of innovation and success, allowing us to deliver exceptional solutions to our customers while contributing to a sustainable and secure digital future

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