Introducing our Enterprise Guide to GenAI implementation

Introducing our Enterprise Guide to GenAI implementation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) adoption in enterprises have grown exponentially over the past years– in particular, to improve workforce capabilities – thanks to the development of more sophisticated algorithms, the greater availability of data, and important advancements making AI solutions easier and more cost-effective to implement.

However, successfully integrating GenAI into your existing workflows can be a daunting challenge. That's why we've crafted a guide, "How to Implement GenAI in Your Business," to help you navigate this complex landscape. It's designed to be industry-agnostic.

This guide provides the elements needed to understand how AI and GenAI work, describes business use cases, and presents practical solutions for integrating a GenAI solution for enterprises, specifically through utilizing :

  • pre-trained and public models,
  • open-source models and fine-tuning, or
  • semantic embeddings.

This guide also provides a step-by-step strategy designed to simplify the process of GenAI implementation, breaking down into four crucial stages:

  • Scoping of use(s) and requirements,
  • Data collection and processing,
  • Modeling of the GenAI solution, and
  • Deployment of the GenAI solution.

Finally, it helps navigate the challenges of AI implementation, in particular the importance of managing data quality and integration, the potential impact on your workforce, the need to acquire new skill sets to optimize GenAI’s potential, but also the need to mitigate risks by implementing AI responsibly.

Your journey to mastering GenAI implementation starts here. Download this guide and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

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